Customized Forecasts and Analysis by Experienced Pros

Strategic Planning

Customized research and analysis by Federal Budget IQ pros helps executives set priorities, focus resources, identify new opportunities, and manage risk.

Forecasting & Analytics

Client-directed analysis anticipates emerging market trends and their impact on federal agency spending priorities.

Federal Market Assessments

Experienced FBIQ pros validate public sector sales objectives, strategies, and tactics.

Anticipate Change, Focus Resources, Boost Market Share

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Federal Cybersecurity Risk Determination Report

Anticipate and Adapt to Change

In June 2019, we completed a demonstration project with two blue-chip technology companies focused on increased sales at selected federal agencies. The project leaders used FBIQ forecasts and analyses to adjust their priorities, strategy, and tactics. In one year, reported sales to those federal customers doubled.

Identify Opportunity and Focus Resources

FBIQ assisted a talented sales executive taking over a federal public sector sales division that had missed its numbers three years in a row. She was authorized to hire additional personnel. Instead, she used FBIQ data and analysis to focus her business development and capture resources. In 15 months, her team exceeded its annual sales target by $100 million.

Save Time and Manage Risk

Executives are inundated with data. FBIQ clients consistently report that our customized, actionable intelligence saves their sales teams hundreds of hours and improves performance by identifying and managing funding and policy risk for their customers.

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Articles, Insights, & Market Expertise


See how FBIQ helps clients anticipate challenges and manage risk for their federal customers.

I relied on Federal Budget IQ’s experience, research, insight, and unbiased perspective to validate strategic decisions and realign resources to help our business grow.
Shannon Leininger
President, Cisco Canada
Your analysis gives us advanced intelligence on battlefield conditions we don’t get from any other source. That information helps us make smarter decisions about where to deploy our assets and select what opportunities to pursue.
Lt. General James Lovelace
US Army (Retired)
Vice President, L-3 Technologies

Success in Washington is like playing 3-D chess. Without perspective, you miss potential moves.

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