What is Federal Budget IQ?

Federal Budget IQ (FBIQ) is a customized market intelligence consulting service for public sector business executives.
Original, data-driven forecasts and analysis by budget and appropriations experts with decades of operational experience in the
Executive Branch and Congress help clients anticipate change, manage risk, and focus resources to boost public sector sales.

Federal Funding Analysis

Targeted research and analysis distills budget and appropriations data from the Executive Branch and Congress into actionable information for executives.

Forecasting & Analytics

Our data-driven process combines original research and analysis from experienced pros to build forecasts that anticipate emerging trends and the operational impact of key decisions.

Market Assessments

Customized, client-directed research projects evaluate public sector market priorities.

Strategic Planning

Improved situational awareness helps executives make informed strategic decisions and focus resources to boost public sector sales.



  • In August 2015, US Public Sector won Cisco’s Chairman’s Award as the top theater in the company. That success would not have been possible without your analysis of changing spending priorities and the customer-focused planning process that we implemented in partnership with Federal Budget IQ.

    Pat Finn
    Senior Vice President
    U.S. Public Sector
    Cisco Systems

  • Your analysis gives us advanced intelligence on battlefield conditions we don’t get from any other source. That information helps us make smarter decisions about where and how to deploy our assets and decide what opportunities to pursue.

    Lt. General James Lovelace
    US Army (Retired)
    Vice President
    L3 Technologies


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