Data-driven forecasts, analyses, and original research

Experienced pros take the mystery out of the federal budget and appropriations process

Today, success requires strategies that anticipate emerging trends, identify opportunities, and manage risk.

From 1974 to 2009, annual federal procurement spending increased 96% of the time. The 2011 Budget Control Act converted a market that had been an escalator into a roller-coaster. Over the next five years, federal contract spending fell $120 billion (21.5%).  FBIQ anticipated those changes and helped clients consistently increase market share in both up and down markets. In June, we adjusted our 18-month forecast to reflect implications of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act on federal infrastructure spending.


The results are clear. Using Federal Budget IQ boosts public sector sales performance.

In August 2015, US Public Sector won Cisco’s Chairman’s Award as the top theater in the company. That success would not have been possible without your analysis of changing spending priorities and the customer-focused planning process that we implemented in partnership with Federal Budget IQ.
Pat Finn
President & General Manager Americas, Blue Prism & Former SVP, U.S. Public Sector, Cisco

Understand the difference between what government documents say and what they mean.

Targeted FBIQ research and analysis distills data from the Executive Branch and Congress into actionable information for executives. Our proprietary, collaborative, data-driven process generates customized market assessments and reliable forecasts that cut through the chatter and improve situational awareness.

With FBIQ analysis, clients save time, anticipate change, manage risk, and focus resources on the most promising public sector market opportunities. That combination consistently boosts sales performance.

Grounded, FBIQ market assessments consider:
  • Emerging Administration and Congressional Funding Priorities
  • The Federal Policymaking Process
  • Practical Operational Issues that May Alter Implementation Prospects and Timetables
  • Budgetary, Economic, and Political Conditions
  • Feedback from Government Insiders
  • New Opportunities

Federal IT Spending Analysis

Federal IT Spending Analysis

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