Cameron Leuthy

Editor, FBIQ Monthly Report

In March 2022, Cameron Leuthy joined the Federal Budget IQ (FBIQ) team as both a contributor and editor of FBIQ’s monthly report. With over 30 years of experience working at the intersection of national security policy, defense programs, foreign policy, budgets, markets, and technology, Mr. Leuthy is a subject matter expert on public sector trend projections with 14 years of government experience—12 years at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and nearly two years at the Department of Defense (DOD—serving in three presidential administrations.

Mr. Leuthy’s OMB experience includes four years in the Budget Review Division focused on budget preparation and congressional appropriations tracking. He spent six years analyzing international assistance programs and complex international crises in the International Affairs Division (Congo, Kosovo, assistance to the former Soviet republics and E. Europe). For two years, he led the Operations Branch in the National Security Division where his team prepared presidential transition papers on complex national security issues and helped develop post-9/11 budget packages.

At DOD, Mr. Leuthy led a team supporting U.S. and international efforts to raise contributions for rebuilding Iraq, Afghanistan, recruiting foreign troops, and reimbursing key cooperating countries. His team participated in interagency deliberations on Afghanistan and Iraq issues, including negotiations between U.S.-Coalition Provisional Authority and UN, World Bank, IMF, and Arab Fund for oversight of Iraq’s oil revenues.

Mr. Leuthy returned to the private sector in 2005 supporting Defense, Civil, and Intelligence market intelligence teams at Booz Allen Hamilton where he advised senior company executives on strategic forecasting and trends at both firm-wide and individual market levels.

Subsequently, Mr. Leuthy spent nearly 10 years conducting budget and federal market analyses for Bloomberg Government where he also helped develop a series of defense-focused on-line budget dashboards and tracking systems for clients.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Leuthy taught history and government in public schools and supported the Army and Marine Corps at Battelle.

Mr. Leuthy has a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Washington with a foreign policy/defense concentration.  He earned his bachelor’s degree in education and history from Western Washington University.