About Federal Budget IQ

Federal Budget IQ’s best in class team of experienced professionals takes the mystery out of the federal budget and appropriations process with data-driven forecasts and original research to help executives evaluate opportunities and make informed strategic decisions to grow their public sector business. For decades, federal procurement spending increased each year. The key to success in that environment was getting on the escalator. The world has changed. According to the U.S. Treasury, total federal procurement spending has dropped 12% since FY11. Over the next 5 years, legal spending caps fall $350 billion short of the levels needed to maintain current federal operations. In today’s market, executives need strategies that manage risk, anticipate emerging trends and focus resources on the most promising opportunities. We have worked with blue-chip clients in key sectors and the results are clear. Using Federal Budget IQ improves public sector sales performance.

FBIQ Highlights

Experienced Professionals

Our team of federal budget policy, process and subject matter experts has decades of extensive operational experience in the Executive Branch (at the Office of Management and Budget, the Department of Defense, and the Central Intelligence Agency), in Congress (at the Congressional Budget Office and in both the House and the Senate in key leadership and Committee staff positions), in State government, and in the private sector. According to one client, the FBIQ team consistently “identifies risks and opportunities that others simply don’t see.”

The FBIQ team’s experience includes:
  • Developing, analyzing, and executing federal agency budgets.
  • Developing and implementing Congressional budget and appropriations priorities.
  • Analyzing the costs and budget score-keeping implications of executive, legislative, and regulatory initiatives on federal, state, and local governments, and the private sector.
  • Working with foreign governments on the development and implementation of government spending priorities.

Customized, Actionable Intelligence for Executives

There is a vast difference between what government documents say and what they mean.  Targeted FBIQ research and analysis distills data from the Executive Branch and Congress into actionable information for executives.  Our experienced analysts use a collaborative, data-driven process to develop customized market assessments and accurate, reliable forecasts that improve situational awareness for executives.  With FBIQ analysis, clients save time, anticipate change, manage risk, and focus resource on the most promising public sector market opportunities to boost sales performance.

Grounded, FBIQ operational assessments consider:
  • Emerging Administration and Congressional Funding Priorities
  • The Federal Policymaking Process
  • Practical Operational Issues that May Alter Implementation Prospects and Timetables
  • Budgetary, Economic, and Market Conditions
  • New Opportunities

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